Live Streaming Constellation n.6

Premiers on September 27th, 2020. 19.00 CET

Human Signs Live Streaming Constellation n.6

Human Signs unites great protagonists of the contemporary dance and Ballet scene, vocal soloists from all around the globe, including carriers of ancient traditions, contemporary and experimental pioneers, religious representatives from every faith. All united in a participatory art project that from Milan connects the entire world to share – at the times of COVID-19 – the HUMAN SIGNS, presented online through a series of weekly audiovisual creations, interpreting the viral aesthetic as a multimedia choir of vulnerability, spirituality, inner strength, hopes and fears.

The Constellations are a new concept, where the art-testimonies are united together in a static framework, becoming a sort of allegoric polypthyc of symbols. The constellations can be either solos, dialogues or polyphonies, in dialogue with each other and the Human Signs Mantra.


Muna Tseng (United States) 

Rina Schenfeld (Israel) 

Virna Toppi (Italy/Germany)

Nelson López (Uruguay)

Brigitta Oling (Sweden/Italy)

Carol Prieur (France)

Syafmanefi Alamanda (Indonesia) 

Antonella Albano (Italy)

Ana Baigorri (Spain/Germany)


Amel Brahim-Djelloul (Algeria/France) 

Nicholas Isherwood (France/United States)

Noa Frenkel (Israel)

Daniel Kolle’ (Cameroon/Italy)

Hario Efenur (Indonesia)

Luisa Muhr (United States)

Claudia Cervenca (Romania/Austria)

Odeya Nini (United States/Israel)


Yuval Avital