Carol Prieur


carol Prieur started her career with Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers. 

She has worked with the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault. She earned/won a grant to pursue her studies in New York, Europe and India where she was initiated into Kalarypayattu, an Indian martial art form. 

From 1995 she became a member of COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD, where three solos have been created for her: Humanitas, Étude Poignante, and Mouvements. She received an award for Best Performance in Marie Chouinard’s film, Cantique no. 1, at the Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video Award in Toronto.

In 2010, Carol was named Dancer of the Year by the prestigious German magazine TANZ and in 2014, she was awarded at LES PRIX DE LA DANSE DE MONTRÉAL and the PRIX RQD – INTERPRÈTE. 

Carol continues to dance with the Compagnie Marie Chouinard as well as working with other artists in Montreal, Canada.


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