Human Signs unites great protagonists of the contemporary dance and Ballet scene, vocal soloists from all around the globe, including carriers of ancient traditions, contemporary and experimental pioneers, religious representatives from every faith. All united in a participatory art project that from Milan connects the entire world – in times of COVID-19 – through Human Signs.

Presented online through a series of weekly audiovisual creations, and replicating the viral “aesthetics”, Human Signs unites the art-testimonies of the participants in a multimedia choir of vulnerability, spirituality, inner strength, hopes and fears.


Originally hosted as Youtube live streamings, the Human Signs Ensembles unite virtually between 10 and 19 artists through an attentive curatorial choice, intertwining them together in a dynamic multimedia fresco. Each Ensemble brings to the virtual stage a different plurality of emotions. Every artist contributes as a co-creator, creating different layers of meaning that play between singularity and chorality, between ALONE/TOGETHER.



In the series of Constellations, Human Signs art-testimonies are united together in a static framework, becoming a sort of allegoric polypthyc of symbols. The Constellations can be either solos or polyphonies, in dialogue with each other and the Human Signs Mantra.



Human Signs LIVE GRID is a series of live performances taking place in different cities of the Human Signs community. Carrying the Human Signs streaming aesthetics into the space, the LIVE GRID becomes a physical stage in which the artists are invited to perform live; bringing the best of the Human Sings’ experience into public spaces, creating a sense of unity and connection, transcending the recent fear of closeness.

The GRIDS will spread through the globe, starting from New York on October 25th, and throughout Manifesta 13. The following LIVE GRIDS will take place during the next months as part of the program of Manifesta 13 – one every 2 weeks  until November 29th.