Americo di Francesco


Americo Di Francesco is a former theater and television solo dancer, currently director, choreographer and teacher.

He began his career from Artistic Gymnastics and then at almost 14 years of age, towards the end of the seventies, to Dance, first enchanted by the old Hollywood musicals and then thanks to Vittoria Ottolenghi, a dance critic who curated and produced the tv dance broadcast for RAI “Maratona d’estate”, which is largely responsible for the spread of dance culture in Italy.

He owes a lot to the afrocontemporanean Choreographer Bob Curtis who immediately believes in him and takes him into his company working both in Italy and in Europe, but the curiosity to experiment new things leads him for a year in the National Operetta Company with a tour throughout all Italy.

In the mid-eighties the boom of television broadcasting was becoming another goal to be achieved, Americo does so in the eighty-seven with the RAI program “Chi tiriamo in ballo”, then “Fantastico”, “Dudù Dudù”, “30 hours for life”, “Dance love and fantasy” and many others.

He returns on the stage in the late nineties in the company of Cristian De Sica as head ballet dancer singer where he remains for two years. He is currently called to hold stages throughout Italy and abroad he has trained dozens of Principal Dancers in various companies around the world (New York, Sydney, Munich, Chicago, Rome, Milan, Paris, Tel Aviv).

Among his latest works, he signed “SUNFLOWERS” “E-Aktion T4” and “LA MER” this last choreography created for the Algiers Opera.