Julia Moraweitz


Julia is a dancer for over 16 years with Emilia Romagna Teatro – Pippo Delbono (Modena, Italy), Rina Schenfeld Dance Theatre (Tel Aviv, Israel) and other companies and collectives in Germany, Slovenia and Italy.

Since 2017 she is also assistant director and assistant choreographer at the Opera of Magdeburg (Germany), as well as being a freelance choreographer for opera, theatre and social – art projects.

She is currently working on a production of “The Seven Deadly Sins” by Bertolt Brecht in Halberstadt/Germany.


<< I believe that what saves us in any situation is the open gaze on things and on the world. Also and above all, when we find ourselves in apparently closed situations.
When the world around us closed in this ferocious way, I too closed very slowly and lost the precious opening of my gaze.
I clung to a routine, and almost lost myself – when I tried to embrace uncertainty, I got scared.
I found a way in listening and in the gaze of attention, for those who were even more afraid.
And then suddenly I decided, that for me the closure – the external and especially the internal one would be over.
And someone reached out to me and showed me the light – that light that had never really gone out, but now shines more than ever.
Yuval’s mantra for me is like an essence of all the thoughts that went through my head in the period of external and internal closure. When I let myself be moved by this mantra, I was coming out of the inner closure and I was about to see the reflections of the light.>>