Avi Kaiser & Sergio Antonino


Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino are creating together since 2002 and have a rich experience in the field of dance with group works and duets performed throughout Europe, Israel and the US.

 They direct “The Roof -TanzRaum”, a dance atelier in the Ruhr area, Germany, where they are guest artists of the city and the Modern Sculpture Museum Lehmbruck.

Kaiser worked closely with Susanne Linke as a dancer and choreographer for 15 years.

He created works in Canada, the United States, Senegal, the Paris and Zurich Opera. The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Professor of Modern Dance based on his international authority in this field.

Antonino was invited to create at the Venice Biennale, won the Sakharov Prize, and created several works for the prestigious Paolo Grassi National School in Milan. He received his master’s degree in the history of art at the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

 In their works there is a strong emphasis on the place, the arena in which things take place. In recent years, a large part of their pieces has been done in and for public space, in cooperation with architects and photographers. One of their leading projects since 2009 is the duet “At Your Place” which brings the dance to the people’s home, to the school class, offices, or to any other possible space where an intimacy allows a different observation of the movement.

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<< The Corridor


A crucial place that links you from a public space into a private one, and leads you further on into other spaces, and different emotional spheres. A spine that without its existence everything falls apart.


We have decided to fully invest this long and narrow space, wondering about its functions in this complex period, where the notions of going out and coming in, public and private, and the simple fact of connecting, have lost its meanings.


The corridor, the space of passage, where we hardly remain, has turned into an essential place where we can still breath, and where life has kept an energetic impulse.>>