Benedetta Montefiore


Benedetta Montefiore was born in a small town in Abruzzo.

She was a very dynamic and hyperactive child, she practiced many sports but what entered in her heart was the rhythmic gymnastics which she did until the age of ten.
She tried ballet but it wasn’t for her, she thought it was too “boring” discipline for her.

When she took part of Teatro alla Scala Academy in Milano, at the age of eleven, step by step she was so passionate and in love with ballet that this art became her profession.

She attended this school for eight years and then graduated in 2016.

This school taught her sacrifice, determination, willpower, perseverance and the way to tackle every problem with determination and perseverance and last but not least the study of classical and contemporary dance technique.

The most beautiful memory on stage with accademia Teatro alla Scala is when she danced “Tarantella” choreographed by George Balanchine.

During my last year of Academy she faced the audition for the Bejart Ballet Lausanne with a positive result and she decided to start her career in this company.

Moved by the desire to change her life, by the desire to learn a different and particular style like that of Bejart, to change city and environment compared to the purely classical one.

Bejart Ballet Lausanne is made up of dancers from all over the world and with very different styles, each one had its own particularity and this, in her opinion, makes it a special and original company. During her years of work with them she had the opportunity to dance Bejart choreographies such as “The magic flute”, “The Ninth symphony of Beethoven “, “Le Mandarin merveilleux “, “The rite of spring ” and “Ballet for life “.

In 2018 she went back to her steps, her love for classical dance brought her back to Milan with the company of Teatro alla Scala.

She realized that her dream was to dance with them in this magnificent theater that every time is capable of leaving her breathless.

In her still short career here, she was able to dance very interesting masterpieces like “Wolf works” by Wayne McGregor and “Petite mort” by Jiří Kylián but also great classics like “Giselle”, ”Swan lake”, “Don quixote” and “Sylvia” by Manuel Legris.

Her love for dance or rather for what dance makes her feel is evidently stronger than all the insecurities, even if she needs to live with it and why not, express them also by dancing and this is something that she pulled out during her performance for Human Sign during a difficult period for the whole world and for artists.

Art is her life because it is love and torment.


<< Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this intriguing project. I must say that initially, as ignorant on the subject, the duration of the mantra scared me, I wondered if my creativity would be enough to dance for all the time to use; instead the voice of Y. Avital transported me into a deep self that during the quarantine I tried to omit, I brought out the “inner monsters” that I got rid of with and during the dance. I never imagined it would be so natural.

It was an unexpected experience, which was good for my soul in this time of world uncertainty and suffering.>>