Cecilia Braini


She was born in Trieste, and from the age of 3 she practiced various specialties of artistic roller skating. At the age of 10 she approached the world of modern dance and later, classical dance, and hip hop. She attended the secondary school attached to the G. Tartini Conservatory of Music, enrolled in the percussion instruments class.

At 11 she began participating in national and international events and competitions, such as the dance showcase of the “Giffoni Film Festival” and the “World Dance Trophy”, also collecting several victories both independently and under the banner of the Danza Di school. E.Ci. Since 2007 she has also been attending various dance workshops and internships throughout Italy with internationally renowned teachers, through organizations such as I.D.A., CRUISIN and CSEN.

After graduating from the G. Carducci high school of social sciences, she began his career as a teacher initially as an assistant in the ballet courses of the Danza Di.E.Ci. Later she moved to Rome where he attended the three years of High Professional Training at the Bartolomei Training School, under the guidance of teachers such as M ° Victor Litvinov and Michele Pogliani; inserted within the company D.I.A. she had the opportunity to perform in various theaters in the city.

She returned to Trieste where she resumed her job as a modern and contemporary dance teacher becoming an athletic trainer and choreographer assistant for figure skating.

She continued her refresher course and achieved the diploma of First Level Teacher of Modern / Contemporary Dance with the CSEN. Later she also attended the Choreographic Composition course, learning from choreographers such as Fabio Crestale and Luciano Cannito. It also follows in-depth analysis on postural assessment and pilates applied to sport.

As a performer, she also participated in the dance showcase of the Giffoni Film Festival and in an electroacoustic project developed together with the students of Music and New Technologies of the G. Tartini Conservatory entitled “Wood you dance?”.

Since 2015 she has held courses in pilates, preparatory to modern / contemporary dance and dance at the a.p.s. Metropolitan; she also collaborates as an assistant choreographer at the Triestino Artistic Skating for the competition programs of groups and soloists for national and international competitions, since 2016 also with other companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


<< Everything happens for a reason, although very often this reason is not so obvious. Not immediately at least. This moment has certainly given me, given us, as many moments and spaces, as it has taken away from us. The possibility that this project gave me to express my feelings and my being, from my home to the outside world, was a wonderful opportunity and another opportunity to use my time in a way I never imagined. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons, a very good reason.>>