Franka’s Moon


Franka’s Moon, is a full performer. 

From spectacle vivant to the music and audiovisual world she adapts herself to any kind of situation.

She took her first artistic steps with dance and guitar at the age of nine. Her first scenes took place when she was thirteen years old and her integration into the Musical Comedy followed at fifteen years old. At the age of eighteen she signed an artistic contract with the Sonatines Record label. For her first album she was inspired by what reflects her person: linguistic and musical diversity.

She went through music schools, Musical Dance Drama and events organization formations.

Today she finds herself in the middle of any possibilities and creates her own way into the entertainment industry.


<<Human Signs is the first performance involving gesture and vibrations I have ever made. I opened my heart and let go everything.

I had to contain the feeling smashed into peaces, as long as I was forbidden to perform on stage for the last year.>>