Lambick Meli


Lambick Meli is a Congolese dancer, choreographer, songwriter and performer, born and raised in Lubumbashi-DRC.

His art allows him to free himself from family and social frameworks. His goal is to get us away from the yoke of the society which require a lifestyle, too often inadequate. His artistic approach explores social topics and invites his public to reflect and critically think.

From a very young age, he has been interested and he has actively taken part in rural encounters about traditional dances and songs, organized in the different neighborhoods of his city. In 2004, he formed a duo to interpret the songs of the parish of Saint Martin de la Katuba.

He first joined the dance company Harlem2arts and then performed in the creations “Kidumu” in 2010 and “Ngomo na tshombo” in 2011, premiered at the French Institute in Lubumbashi.

He obtained a diploma in general mechanics in 2013 and then studied construction and building architecture for 3 years at the Higher Institute of Pedagogy and Technology in Likasi. However, he will not graduate due to financial issues and to his commitment to his artistic career.

Since 2017, he has started a solo career, working on his own creations and musical compositions, while working together with different international artists such as Salia SANOU (Burkina Faso), Désiré DAVIDS (South Africa), Chérie RIVERS (USA), Petna NDALIKO (DRC) and the collective Greyzone Zébra (France-Belgium).

He achieved his artistic approach thanks to his performance within the Poésies de la Danse in 2018 at the Espace Picha in Lubumbashi. This represented the starting point of his future piece Pembeniser.

He is currently looking for other residencies in order to develop his creations, performances and musical compositions such as his experimental performance Artmoureux and his mixtape MASIKU.


<< Isn’t the drop of a shadow this useful misfortune for the structural reassemble of the best of ourselves?”

Without darkness there is no glow. Light and darkness exist synergistically, but by allowing oneself to be dazzled by the radiance of the brightness, one forgets the presence of the dark eclipse, which can take advantage of it. One feels helpless in the face of darkness until the power of a spark appears. Suddenly, we are ashamed of our recklessness in the face of our pleasure, the pleasure of creating from our discoveries without taking the time to appreciate it with awareness and moderation, at the risk of upsetting the balance.

However, one takes shelter in the darkness of their inner weakness, the outer strength of light, hope in line with our learning in the face of life’s obstacles.>>