Rebecca Marta D’Andrea


A movement artist from the International Artistic Community of Bussana Vecchia, born in 1983. She is based between UK, Italy and Brazil. Her work explores improvisational forms of creativity across different mediums, as a way to unravel the role of perception in shaping and being shaped by our inner and outer environment.
She is interested in the potential of the creative body to enhance the communication between different languages in the process of building and outbuilding our perception of reality and sense of identity, as a solo and as a collective process, part of an overall system of interconnected phenomena in constant transformation.

She graduated in Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2006, and after a few years of practice and independent research, in 2016 she completed an MA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban and Independent Dance with the support of a Gill Clark Bursary of the Leverhulme Art Trust. She shares her research through art installations, synesthetic workshops (Liminal Body/Dreamtime) and performances, often in collaboration with multimedia artists.

She writes and researches about dance. Some of her writings have recently been published as part of Italian anthology of Art.


<<Listening, resonating with Yuval’s mantra evoked a deep visceral experience of connection with a personal dreamlike dimension that opened up to resonance with the collective one. I sensed that the sound of the voice awakened in my body a mapping of opposing sensations, manifesting itself in micromovements of consciousness that the body alchemically amplified through sensations that turned into gesture and macromovement taking a tangible direction. The indication of having a clear beginning and a clear end allowed me to anchor and convey the dance and the use of the camera gave me the opportunity to choose a reference perspective. It was an interesting and rich dialogue that inspired my subsequent vocal and movement research and opened new ideas for reflection.>>