Denise Maria Gazzo


Denise was born in Valdagno (province of Vicenza) in 1992. From a young age she was in love with music, spending her days dancing in the living room and closed in her bedroom practicing dance steps in front of the mirror. At the age of 4 and a half, she finally started her long trajectory in a small private school in her town.

She studied there for two years and a half, and straight after doing her first recital at age six, she realises that she will never be able to become a real ballerina. She asks to change school and moves to Vicenza for the next three years. There, as well, she is struck by the impossibility of fulfilling her dream.

Her parents were exhausted of seeing her upset so they decide to let her attend her first professional summer program in Reggio Emilia at Liliana Cosi’s school to understand if it was worth letting Denise study there.

In 2001, the chapter of the school “Il Balletto” of Castelfranco Veneto started. After seven very committed years, where her family traveled 90 km a day to get her to her classes. During these years she studied with loads of very important teachers, participating in many summer programs in Italy and abroad, including the Royal Ballet several times. She won prizes and scholarships in national and international competitions, including the American Ballet Theatre.

At the age of fifteen she was noticed by the director of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, Frederic Olivieri. The next year, in 2008 after completing the audition she begins her sixth year classes at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala where she finishes her studies in 2011. The day after her graduation she takes part in a tour with the company. For the next years, her career develops in the Teatro alla Scala where she performs in corps de ballet as well as soloist roles in all the productions of the company and national and international tours.