Cruzz Taylor


Cruzz Taylor (real name Kasereka Kasolene Christmas) is a young Contemporary dancer of Congolese nationality, born in the city of Goma, capital of North Kivu, a province with multiple characteristics. Today Goma has become a great stage for artistic creations and cultural events, sharing a new image, vision and message of protest, denunciation, union, patriotism, awareness and peace far from the political conflicts. Cruzz Taylor is one of the supporters of this artistic fight.

His artistic career is marked by the creation, realization and participation in shows, residencies and documentations of contemporary dance. In 2019 he participated in the second module of the diploma “(In) choreographic games” at the Ecole de Sables and the same year he also presented his solo “NDOTO” as part of the Contemporary Dance Night Festival. He held a master Class for the dance students of Muda Africa/Tanzania and in August 2018, he held some workshops of contemporary and Afro traditional dance at the French Institute of Goma. In July 2018 he directed a duet with TOTEM NDUNGURU entitled “NOS TRACES”: a tribute to Luc NKULULA.

In June 2018 he participated in the Spectacle de la Restitution at the French Institute of Dakar/Senegal and then, from April until June 2018 he participated in “Games of interpreter”.

In May 2018, he collaborated with Josephine Ann Marie Thérèse from the PINA BAUSCH Company at L’Ecole des Sables.

Committed to his profession, he never stops learning, experimenting, researching and sharing his different skills, at the EAST AFRICA NIGNTS OF TOLERANCE Festival in Kigali/Rwanda, he participates in dance trainings, courses and workshops.

In November 2017, ZOBEL Snake invites him to the International Movement, Dance and Performance Festival in Yaoundé/Cameroon where he presents his Performance-Dance-Text. 

In 2017 he held classes of Contemporary and Traditional Rwandan dance with UMUGWANEZA ADA Jeanne to the young dancers in the city of Goma.

With his commitment he wishes through his work to describe the society and to raise awareness about future potential commitments.  

In June 2017 he organized a live painting and an artistic performance with 3 other artists including Mugabo BARITEGERA Artist Photographer, Benito MU-PENZI Artist Painter, Precy NUMBI Artist Sculptor. He wanted to denounce the massacres of Congolese people in the regions of Beni and Kasai, where they were arrested and incarcerated in the Central Prison by the National Police and detained there for 7 days.

In 2017 where he choreographed and presented his show “I am not cursed” at the ‘Le Café Citoyenì.  This event is followed by the organization with his company of a creation Tungel- ijuwa in French: “si nous savions”.

In 2016, he perfectioned his skills by participating in the contemporary dance workshop organized by ” Busara Dance Company”.  

Cruzz Taylor never hesitates to take the opportunity to immerse himself in new techniques, creations and performances of contemporary dance and the same year 2016, he took part in several workshops.

2007, is the year of his genesis in the artistic world as a self-taught artist, followed by professional training that have significantly changed his career by leading him to the stages of many major festivals. Some examples are represented by:  Salam Kivu International Film Festival, SKIFF and the Danse du Festival Amani.