Elena Churilova


Elena Churilova is a choreographer, dancer, performer and teacher of contemporary dance. 

After graduating from the Magistracy of Vaganova Academy (St. Petersburg) she became a dancer at Bye Bye Ballet Dance Company from 2010 to 2011, when she performed in the project of Do-theatre (Germany/Russia), «Sin Aqua». She then performed at Sasha Kukin Dance Company until 2014. She moved to Liliya Burdinskaya Dance Company until 2018, where, since 2016 she was an assistant choreographer. As a company member she participated at the most important festivals in Russia, such as «Diana Vishneva Context» (Moscow) and «Dyagilevskiy festival» (Perm), where the dance company got an opportunity to work with Teodor Currentzis.  In 2017 she was one of the participants of the performance «Ant and knight» which lasted one and half hours. The performance took place at Manege museum (St. Petersburg).

She works as a choreographer since 2015. Among her works: «Dreamers», «I want a beauty», «False position», «Days like grass», «Peeping Tom», «And you will do nothing to me», «Simplicity», «Fighting fish», «What do you think about pigeons» etc.  The works were represented on the  prominent stages of St. Petersburg, such as The New Stage of Alexandrinskiy Theater and Kamennoostrovskiy Theater, and different festivals in other cities.

Author of the scientific article «The problems of contemporary dance formation», published in the digest of Vaganova Academy in 2020.


<< It was amazing and scary simultaneously to go deep into my memories how the pandemic began and touch my feelings about that. I was trying to feel the mantra by my body from skin to internal organs. I remember how it went through me and went out again. I was ready to scream, but just opened the mouth. My scream was in my throat and in my hands. At the end I released my inner tiredness about all this situation in the world and felt relief.>>