Elisa Spagone


Elisa Spagone was born in Turin in 1976. She started as ballet dancer, studying at the Turin Theater directed by Loredana Furno.

She attended a course in dance and education at the New Theater in Turin and Sarabanda Association.

She developed her educational career with a specialization in Dance Therapy at
Dmt –Esprel and ARTE school of arts therapy.

During her career she has been studying gesture, body and its possibility of expression. 
Since 2019 has started a collaboration with Marian Codrut Cojocaru aka BboyCojo with whom they join her contemporary dance skills to break and urban dance creating shows, performances and “Danzatroci” an online web series.
She joins different disciplines from dance theater combined with elements of street dance, from floor work to martial art.

She dances in various companies (Les Transe Mutants and Vouka) and collaborates with choreographers and playwrights such as Domenico Castaldo, Barbara Uccelli, Hellen Cerina, Michela Lucenti.
She creates dance theater shows defined by some post-avant-garde shows, or performing dance (term coined by Max Schiavoni).
She is continuing her work, education and carrier on research in Italy and abroad, as a performer, teacher, choreographer and dance movement therapist (Dmter®). Her practice is documented through her YouTube research channel, and personal site on Jimdo.


Dancing in a limited space is never easy. This period in history has led everyone to adapt to live in conditions that are not always comfortable. Nevertheless, there is a way to feel. The repetitiveness of the mantra helped creativity to express itself, giving space to a new form of listening.It was like experiencing “having to be”: to be in a space, in a time and with an externally sound form which at first could be monotonous, but later became stimulating and inspiring.