Esra Yurttut


Esra Yurttut trained in ballet at the Ballet Department of Istanbul University and Hacettepe University State Conservatory. She graduated with a master’s degree in the Department of Contemporary Dance of Mimar Sinan University Conservatory.

Since 2004 she has been creating her own projects by bringing together different disciplines under the name of “noland”. She participated in many national and international festivals with her pieces. She worked as a teacher for 3 years, giving lessons of dance-movement, classical ballet, Pilates and repertoire at the Contemporary Dance and Acting Department of Mimar Sinan University Conservatory.

She is currently working with body preparation techniques, choreography and movement layouts for actors with many private theatre groups.

Furthermore, she is teaching in workshops of ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, movement, Pilates, creative dancing and improvisation, for both children and adults.

Since 2014 she is living in Çanakkale as an independent choreographer, trainer and performer, where she has her own ballet and contemporary dance course since 2019.


<< It was one of the very very long quarantine days at home. I was looking at the screen for hours when I learned about the project from my friend Onur Türkmen.  I was very excited and wanted to meet the project people.

Yuval, Cerem and I had a WhatsApp video talk and even though we didn’t know each other, I felt that we had lots in common. I feel very lucky and happy for being part of Human Signs project. It reminded me of my way of expression. Also, I realised that many parts of my body were waiting to move. (And that no matter what, we are never really alone!)>>