Alessia Siligardi


Alessia Siligardi teaching fashion in high school.
She has graduated at DAMS (University of Art, Music and Spectacle) in Bologna and after she specialised in History of Contemporary Art.
After these studies several years later she decided to study again at the university and graduated with honours in Pedagogy (Master) in Reggio Emilia.
She realised photographic exhibitions.
She has started to make expositions September 2006. In October 2007 she has had her first personal exhibition c/o “L’incontro” in Casalgrande (RE), Italy.
In 2016 she founded ArPe (Art Pedagogy) where created and realised workshops for children and adults of all ages, using especially scraps materials to sensitize society about environmental sustainability.
From 2012 she is ambassadors of the Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cittadellarte, Biella.