Salvatore Romania


Choreographer and founder of Petranuradanza company, Salvatore Romania is also the artistic director of the Festival ‘Incontri Internazionali’ of contemporary dance and ‘Incontroscena’ exhibition.

He organizes workshops both in Italy and abroad, collaborating with the main exponents of international dance. He worked in various shows and prestigious international festivals all over the world ( Festival Tanec Praha; Gdanski Festival; Mittelfest; The Myth Circuit: Festival internazionale di Danza Lila Lòpez, Festival MILANoltre Florence Dance Festival ecc.).

As a soloist, he interpreted choreographies of Loris Petrillo, Paolo Mohovic, Marcia Pleine. Since 2006 he collaborates in various production with Compagnia Zappalà Danza: “Instrument 1”, “A.Semu tutti devoti”, “Odisseo”.

In 2011 he founded the “Petranuradanza Company” together with the choreographer Laura Odierna. Socially involved in the diffusion of contemporary dance, the choreographer elaborates the unspeakable evocative power of body language. This is why his work is accurate, demanding, but also passionate; the body is manipulated, thrown to the ground, caressed, experienced in every detail, never far from a scenographic context of evocative and emotional impact.

He is currently the Artistic Director of a cultural center in Siracusa dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary dance. Among his latest production we can recall “Agamennone criminal case” and “Sciara” which debuted respectively at Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto and at Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza /Scenario pubblico.

He is currently involved in the production of the creation: “I like myself…?”


<< What is freedom? Are we able to understand it, to define it, to explain it? It is easy to take it for granted if no one has ever taken it from us.

The more we try to rationalize it, the more we chain it and create rigid boundaries for it.
We dream of freedom, but we want security. So as a painter immortalizes a beautiful landscape within a frame, so we tend to imprison freedom in discipline.

But freedom is not dogma, it has no certainties and does not give any. It is possibility not obligation. Freedom contemplates doubt, error. Freedom is full of impulses, and its borders are thin, mobile. It is a virus from which every human being wishes to be infected.
Perhaps in this sort of conditional freedom, which violently disturbs this time, we are able to perceive its essence in its absence.

At first, in Yuval’s vocal proposal, I felt the deep pain of the earth, but upon closer listening, I perceived the lament of a soul that became an authentic, primordial, free prayer. Free from embellishments given by the seduction of the word. So I let my body act instinctively, free from aesthetic constraints, letting it itself become prayer, in communion.>>