Johanna Offer


Johanna Offer was born in Argentina, in the city of Mar del Plata. In 1980, she immigrated to Israel and currently lives with her family in Tel Aviv.

 Her dance career began at the age of 5, she studied classical and modern dance, and practiced artistic gymnastics. Johanna participated in competitions and performed around the country and in Europe. In high school, Johanna’s major studying was dancing and she graduated with honours in high school.

She worked with several choreographers. In 2005 she joined Rina Schenfeld’s dance theatre.

Together with Rina and the company she performed in many dance pieces, particularly at the Susan Dellal Dance Center

Working with Rina and the company is very unique, there is a lot of freedom to create, they practice improvisation, and there is freedom of self-expression.

Johanna has a master’s degree in organizational consulting and development, and is in charge on the organization development in a large health maintenance organization.

For the past two years Johanna is part of a program which is dealing with the connection between soul and body at a psychiatric hospital.

As part of this program she dances with mentally ill patient.

Dancing, teaching and leading them through her artistic world allow them to forget, even  for a moment   from their challenges and difficulties and experience the joy and happiness dance brings.

For mentally ill patient who are in Closed ward, dancing and listening to music brings them back to life, and Reduces anxiety

For Johanna Dance is the way to express herself in the world. When she dances there is nothing in the world other than this moment of dancing.

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