Luca Cesa


He starts his dancing training at the age of ten. In 2010, at the age of seventeen, he won the award for best interpreter, obtaining by Cristina Bozzolini a scholarship for the school of Balletto di Toscana in Florence. In 2011, he is invited to join the company and soon afterwards he also becomes assistant to the ballet master Eugenio Scigliano.

He takes part in all repertoire production such as: “Sleeping Beauty”, “Bayadère”, “Paquita”, and “Don Quixote”.

Later he was noticed by the choreographer Fabrizio Monteverde who chose him to interpret Gerard in “La Boule de Neige”, starting his career as a soloist.

In 2014 he starts collaborating with the company “Dance Cyprus” as performer and guest teacher. Since 2016 he is a dancer of the “Ballet Preljocaj”, one of the most important contemporary dance companies in the world.

In 2017 he is assistant choreographer of Davide Bombana for his new production. As a choreographer he was invited to create a duo in Vienna for the Europa ballet, piece which obtained excellent reviews.

In 2018, he was selected to represent Italy in the “Prix de Lausanne”. That year he also created the choreography “Lamento” for the “Conservatorie de Musique et Danse” of Cluses (France).

In 2019, he was selected by the choreographer Damien Jalet wants to dance in the musical film “Soul” with Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

Besides his choreographic works and the tournée as a dancer, he is also guest teacher in many of European companies and academies.


<< Human Signs arrived like a jet of icy air that attacks and takes away your strength. In me, it left the silence, the fear, the restlessness to find in me what I had lost for years.
The search for ourselves, for our souls, for our smiles, for our tears: a mantra that has left grooves in a valley, alas, already dry and flat.
Like arrows it managed to penetrate into hidden parts, to flourish the seed I had… they had burned.>>