Liliya Burdinskaya


Liliya was born in a Muslim, Christian and partly Jewish family. In these religions, women who dance are impure. If she would decide to follow one those religions, she should stop dancing. Dance and religion have been with her since childhood and intertwined in one mysterious act of her soul. A couple of years ago, she climbed a mountain under the slope of an awakened volcano in Bali, to the Besakih temple, which is called the Mother of all temples. For the sake of the sensations of this process, for the connection with the soul, she wanted to withdraw, read sacred texts, find a new way to express herself.

She lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. She studied in St Bede’s School and Legat School of Dance and attended BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School and Dance & Performance at DanceWeb16. She studied Gaga movement language at Gaga teachers course with Ohad Naharin. S

he is Former Artistic Director and Choreographer at Bye Bye Ballet Contemporary Dance Centre.

She is a dance artist and founder of Human Architecture Lab.