Fabio Liberti


Fabio Liberti has graduated at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy in 2004.

Since graduation Fabio has been engaged full time in dance companies in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.

As a choreographer he received several prizes, such as 1st prize at Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition 2018 (Holland) and Norrdans

Production Prize; 1st prize at Skopje DansLab 2017 (North Macedonia) and 2nd prize at Solo DanceContest in Gdansk (Poland); 1st prize at the Choreographic Contest Warsaw Zawirowania Dance 2016 (Poland); the Critic Award at Hannover International Choreography Competition 2014 (Germany) and the 3rd prize at Copenhagen Choreography Competition 2013 (Denmark).

Fabio’s independent works have been performed at numerous venues and festival in Europe and he was commissioned to create pieces for Danish Dance Theatre (Denmark), Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (Texas), Mainfranken Theater Würzburg (Germany), Landesbühnen Sachsen Dance Company (Germany), EDGE Dance Company (England), Norrdans (Sweden).

His work was shown as well at the main Danish Museums: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Charlottenborg Museum and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.

He recently received subsidies by Danish Arts Foundation for the realization of his own independent productions in 2020 titled #ASIFILOOKEDLIKEME and AS iF, I HAVE MISSED MYSELF.


<< The feeling of being connected with so many human beings through a mantra, to be alone in the space but together in the intention of the project, the expression through voices or bodies, the need to connect and stay together across the distances and circumstances, the feeling of loneliness united to the power of the collectivity chanting and dancing together has been a very strong experience for me. It’s powerful. 

When I watch all the artists that have expressed themselves in this project, when I watch the outcome of the performances a sense of power and longing comes strongly across to me.>>