Yael Tai


Yael Tai is an Israeli singer and a vocal artist living in Jerusalem.

Yael works in a variety of styles and languages. She performs Yemenite traditional music, Hungarian folk music, medieval songs and Afro-American music. She has set to music a variety of poems and prayers in Hebrew. In all her work she has sought to make an association between Wester and Eastern music. This is in part a reflection of her own background, her father was a well-known Hungarian musician while her mother is a Yemenite.

A feature of her work has been a growing emphasis on improvisation in her own “intuitive” language. She makes use of this approach both in performance and in her teaching. The latter is designed to explore the relationship between sound and its effect on the physical and emotional body, causing increased awareness of the true “self” and assisting with both musical and personal development.

Yael has performed widely in Israel and abroad. She has taken part in many concerts and multi-media events. Since 2002 she has performed with the CLIPA Israel theatre company, with   “Duo Virga” which specialises in medieval music in France, with Hungarian musicians of folk music in Budapest, as well as accompanying Japanese dances of Butoh with her own music.

She has provided choreography for the Vertigo dance company in Israel and frequently leads sacred singing circles in Israel.


<< While singing with Yuval’s mantra, I felt the pain of the earth. A prayer came out of my body for healing it and the human kind that forgot to love and suffers so much…

It took me to a kind of trance and biblical words came out in Hebrew, my voice was changing from low chest sound to a fragile high voice, both pleading for healing and coming back to pure love and innocence….

Towards the end of the piece hope was rising and the sentence “love thy neighbor as thy self” came out of my heart- throat…>>