Natascha Nikeprelevic


Vocalist Natascha Nikeprelevic is a performer-composer and interpreter of contemporary music.

The Good magazine (USA) ranked her as the best overtone singer in the world. She has a large vocal range of five octaves plus the ability to sing three voices at once (sub-octave with overtone singing).

Beyond that, combining this ability with all sorts of extended vocal techniques, she has become a sought-after instructor for vocal art giving masterclasses at various universities around the globe among them the University of Ottawa and Mozarteum Salzburg.

Nikeprelevic’s unique characteristic is to not at all process her voice with any kind of electronics. Everything you hear, from the deepest grumbling sub-octaves to the highest, phase shifting and ringing tones in the ear, comes directly and exclusively from her natural voice.

She intensively researches all about the poetry of a transverbal musical language, interaction of intention and coincidence, instant music and the equality of object and subject.

Significant for her artistic maturity was most of all Natascha’s one-year internship at the Tanztheater Pina Bausch. She also performed with Butoh legend Kazuo Ohno in a joint program at Jooksan Dance Theatre Festival in Seoul.

In 2009 the Taipei University of Arts produced and released her DVD ‘The Dao of Overtone Singing’, which is now considered the holy grail for learning and improving on overtone techniques.

The expressive sound and varicolored styles of her vocal music is documented in13 major sound-art productions of Deutschland Radio Berlin and WDR Radio Cologne. She composed for, performed with and conducted the WDR Radio Choir and was hired for the movie ‘Ausgerechnet Sibirien’ to compose, sing and choreograph the song of the main character Shorian Singer Sajana.

The book: ‘Hardcore, Punk, and other Junk: Aggressive Sounds in Contemporary Music’ (Lexington Books, 2015) called Natascha – together with Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, David Moss, Gil Joseph Wolman and Luciano Berio – an artist, who gave “outstanding contributions to explore the possibilities of the human voice”.

As an interpreter she also released the world premiers of ‘Poles for 2’ and ‘Expo for 3’ by composer K. Stockhausen, and is considered an expert for his intuitive music and the cybernetic plus/minus scores, which convey the relationship between notation and improvisation.

Natascha founded the International Performing Arts Space: ‘Monastery of Music’ (Monastery of Music) in Tuscany as a platform, where artists and all interested in the performing arts can offer or can take part in seminars. It is a place to meet and refuel, where choirs, bands, ensembles, chamber orchestras or other groups of artists and people can rehearse and/or record, reflect and recreate – surrounded by the inspiring nothingness of pure nature.


<< Dear Yuval, thank you for your very personal engagement, and that you initiated this connecting project. It shows very impressively how people feel in their respective situation of inevitable temporary isolation. I’m happy to be a part to this kaleidoscope of expressions.>>