Oscar Zhang


Oscar Zhang is a vocal coach in Shanghai. She is a member of MSSVOCAL global vocal training alliance founded by Dr. Yang Guoying in February 2018 in Shanghai.

MSSVOCAL is composed of voice coaches, vocal teachers and scientific researchers from the founders of various voice training systems at home and abroad or senior voice coaches, scientific research institutions, hospitals, colleges and universities. Its purpose is to follow dialectical materialism, advocate natural science, and give consideration to art aesthetics, Adhere to the attitude of seeking truth from facts, conscientiously implement the policy of “a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend”, fully carry forward academic democracy, carry out academic free discussion, unite the vast number of vocal music and scientific research workers at home and abroad, and make contributions to the prosperity and development of vocal music science in China

MSSVOCAL International Training Organization Introduction
MSS in MSSVOCAL means Music Science and Share. It is composed of vocal coaches, music teachers and
 scientific researchers from various vocal training systems in China and abroad. There are Music Committee, 
Science Committee and Public Welfare Sharing Committee. The alliance will focus on music and science,
 and expect to expand its influence. In order to explore the new social functions of the alliance, we will
 strengthen the combination of vocal teaching and scientific research, and carry out social services such as
 public welfare.


<< I feel very honored to participate in the Human Signs project. I feel the integration and tolerance of world music in the process of participation. I can integrate the sounds of different regions, different timbres and different cultures together. I feel very shocked. Thanks to art and artists from different regions that gather in music through time and space. Thanks to MSSVOCAL for building such a good platform for us.>>