Olivia Salvadori


Olivia Salvadori is a classically-trained soprano, an operatic solo performer, and an experimental recording artist.

She collaborated with poets, visual artists and musicians from the most diverse backgrounds, among others: Coby Sey (Cafe Oto, London 2019; Assab One Gallery, Milan 2018; Botanical Garden, Rome 2017); CURL collective comprised of Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Brother May (FOLD club, London 2019); Akihide Monna, BO NINGEN (Camden Arts Center, London 2019) Grace Schwindt (Garage Gallery, Rotterdam 2018; Performance Art Biennial, Brussels 2017; Institute Of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath 2016), Mark Fell (Seven Fact In Logical Space, Serralves Museum, Porto 2018; TQS Capalbio, Rome 2016) Kunqu artist Yang Yang and female Noh artist Hikaru Uzawa (Songs Of Portrait, an extended documentary from screen to stage; a meeting of operatic forms, Hong Kong City Hall,Hong Kong 2018).

Olivia Salvadori sang Nanni Balestrini’s sonnets in the book and CD tribute to Demetrio.

She also contributed to the visual artwork Dust by artist Shirazeh Houshiary with her chant VO (Lehmann Mauphin Gallery, New York 2013).

Some of her most important releases are: CURL recordings 2nd compilation 2020 and DARE VOCE, a song book CD in 2016.

In 2014, together with Sandro Mussida and Rebecca Salvadori she co-founded the art collective (TQS) Tutto Questo Sentire , a series of site specific curated annual events investigating the relationship between sound and other contemporary disciplines, such as video and performances.