Renato Miritello


Renato Miritello, alias Rene’ Miri, is a performer, overtone singer, whistler, jaw’s harp musician, poet and actor.

Born in Nicosia, Sicily, from an early age he was interested in piano, percussion, onomatopoeic sounds and imitations of any sound. He deals with radio since 1977, at the age of 13, and he broadcasted in one of the first free radios in Sicily (Radio Uno Nicosia). Today he is part of Radio Onda Cava in Turin, he deals with rock, prog, jazz, pop and experimental music. He deals with research on the voice, he’s interested in anthropology and musicology, history and popular traditions.

He dedicates himself to experimenting with the voice and its limits, always trying to overcome the boundaries of aesthetics and of the “rules” and looking for a common primary language. He studies the improvisation, understood as an interaction in any situation, analyzing, breaking down and dissecting the inner vibration to reach the goal: the Emotion.

For about twenty years he has been studying the singing of Demetrio Stratos and of the most important scholars of the voice and he participated several times as a guest in the exhibition dedicated to him in Alberone di Cento (Ra).

He founded Collettivox Torino, an ensemble of genius today scattered all over the world. He joined the collective ImprovvisatoreInvolontario for a few years. He held some concert-lessons at the DAMS in Turin and in various music schools. He participates several times in the Dedalo Festival throughout Italy, in the Marranzano World Festival in Sicily, in the MEI in Faenza twice and at in Here festival at the Cavallerizza in Turin where he introduces the third docufilm on Stratos live and in world premiere.

He played in the Resident Band of the Jazzjams of Rivoli (To) with the best musicians, with whom he participated in the historic “everlasting jam” where he has been on stage for about 50 hours to improvise.

He took part in the project con (a) qua in Rome, an open group composed by some of the most incredible musicians of the Italian scene (Tofani, Pogelli, Nardi, Mariani, Di Cioccio). He also sings and acts in the incredible dance hall group the Mimmo RTC touring throughout Italy.

He performed at the Turin jazz Festival in 2019 and he practically played with hundreds of musicians of all genres, impossible to name them all.

He organizes themed event, such as the reunion from Cramps to today in Turin, the jazz festival in Bologna eppur si Movimento, Improring in Catania and Il Rito della Luce in Sicily.

He’s been working at several self-produced CDs and he played a part in dozens of video and musical works.

He also deals with poetry and their acting and he won some prizes such as the Fogazzaro award in Como, note sotto la luna in Alberone di Cento (Ra) and Polsky Poetry  in Turin.

He studies and works in researches of the whistle and he founded the group Whistle un arte da salvare. He’s working to a project called transiti, where he collects sudden encounters with the best musicians of the Italian and foreign underground.

He’s active on the main social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram where he shares several contents resulting from his researches but also some improvised live participation. He will soon travel to Africa and Greece to deepen his studies on ancient song and its genesis.