Miguel Zazueta Cervera


Miguel Zazueta Cervera is a vocal artist from the city of Tijuana Baja California, Mexico.

He specializes in the interpretation of new music and contemporary opera.

During his career, he has studied and collaborated with artists like Wilfrido Terrazas, Carmina Escobar, Yuval Sharon, and Meredith Monk.

He has premiered new music works such as the song cycle “Poema de la Siguiriya Gitana” (2020) by Alex Taylor, and the opera lounge “Después el Paraíso” by Luis Paul Millán in the Festival Internacional Cervantino (2018).

One of the most important projects of his career was his involvement as a performer in the 2019 production of the opera “Atlas” by Meredith Monk, directed by Yuval Sharon, with the participation of the L.A. Phil New Music Group, presented in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  

He has collaborated with several artistic groups and organizations during his career like the Orchestra of Baja California, International Italo-Latin American Organization, the L.A. Philharmonic New Music group and Meredith Monk & Ensemble.

He is also the director and founder of “Radical: Vocal Ensemble” an artistic group based in the city of Tijuana.

He currently is pursuing his master’s degree as a performer in UC San Diego, under the tutelage of the soprano Susan Narucki.