Renato Cardel


Renato Cadel is an Italian bass-baritone, gregorianist and lutenist.

He studied in the Conservatories of Pavia and Lugano. He studied polyphony of the Renaissance at Scuola Civica in Milan and Gregorian chant at A.I.S.C.Gre’s courses in Cremona and Venice.

At the same time he graduated Philosophy at Pavia University.

He collaborates with several ensembles of early and contemporary music, such as Accademia Bizantina, Accademia d’Arcadia, Cappella Neapolitana, Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri, Quartetto di Liuti da Milano, Vox Àltera.

He is the founder and the conductor of Schola Gregoriana Ghislieri, un ensemble dedicated to the Renaissance and baroque tradition and to the Gregorian chant.

He has recorded for Amadeus, Arcana, Brilliant Classics, ClassicVoice, Concerto  Classics, Glossa, Sony-DHM and Tactus.

He  teaches  Gregorian  Chant  at  the  Milan Conservatory.

He performed in prestigious festivals ad concert halls in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Malta, Portugal and Brazil, also recording live for the main international Radios.