Annette Giesriegl


Vocalist, voice performer, instant composer, conductor for improviser orchestras. Lives in Graz, Austria.

Improvisation and sound, with and of the voice, and the research of “what the voice can do” are at the center of Annette’s artistic attention.

Different musical languages like jazz, classical Indian music, and ethnic singing techniques like overtone singing, throat singing, extended vocal techniques, and the use of electronics are part of Giesriegl’s vocal repertoire.

Since 30 years she performs with several musicians and music projects around the world (Europe, US, Australia, South America, South Africa).

She released several CD recordings with different improvising musicians, jazz musicians, and composers of contemporary music including vocal ensemble.

Furthermore Annette Giesriegl is the founder, organizer and conductor of the Styrian improvisers orchestra in Graz (since 2012), inspired by the concepts of improvisers orchestras from New York, London and Vienna.

Since 2013 Annette Giesriegl is a leading organizer of the v:nm graz: association for new music in Graz, which holds a festival every second year and makes exchange programs with musicians from other countries in Europe.

Giesriegl also organizes an improvisation forum since 2011 called “the gathering” – inspired by London based dancer and vocalist Maggie Nicholson – for all genres in the artistic world.

She studied – and since 2005 teaches – at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz as a senior lecturer for jazz voice subjects.

Master classes and workshops are about vocal improvisation, jazz, body awareness, stage presence training, and vocal technique in modern singing styles and extended vocal techniques.


<<Living the mantra… Relating to the atmosphere created by the mantra… Resonating to the mantra… Remarkable… Again and again always astonished by what the voice can do!!!! This complex connection of the voice with the body… Transporting a bandwidth of emotions hidden and visible from the inside to the outside… And back… Endless loop… The voice is complex and fine art… Even the tiniest noise is able to affect another living being… How expression of the voice just happens… Is stimulated… Expression through my “megaphone” of my emotions… The mantra is so contemplative, expressive, touching, rich… Let’s me moan, groan, cry, talk, scream, meditate… Feel the isolation, the deprivation, the hope, the anger, excitement, depth, the healing…  All at the same time… Tuning in adding to playing with embracing, contributing… Become a part of an universal experience, of an universal expression, I am part of something bigger, I am part of human signs.>>