Elena Cencetti


Elena was born in Italy in 1987.

She studied German and Italian language and literature at the Universities of Florence and Bonn. She received the Bachelor of Arts from the University of Bonn.

Her dance training began in Florence in 2002 with ballet, jazz and modern dance; at the same time, she also danced in some musical productions.

In 2008 she moved to Bonn (Germany) to complete her studies, while continuing dance training in Cologne and joining many international dance workshops.

From 2010 till 2014 she studied dance pedagogy at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden (Bachelor of Arts). Here she got introduced to the different dance and dance pedagogical approches of contemporary dance and she steered her focus towards improvisation.

In 2013 she was granted the Arnhold-Esther-Seligmann full scholarship for attending the American Dance Festival, where she danced for the choreographer Adele Myers and presented her first short duet. During her stay at the ADF she gained familiarity with the approach of the Roy Hart Theatre, connecting voice and gesture.

Since 2012 Elena has been teaching creative children dance, ballet, jazz, performing as a freelancer in Dresden her own creations and working with -among others – choreographers Wagner Moreira (BRA/DE) and Olimpia Scardi (IT/DE).


<< From the loneliness, quietness and isolation of my apartment the deep voice of Yuval helped me to find again peace and connection between my body and my soul. I was used to educate and dance with around hundred kids per week. And all of a sudden, I was alone in a dark period without perspectives.

The mantra became the soundtrack of my movement-meditations. A strength coming out from the deepest part of myself allowed me to relate to the universe. I could breathe again, I could move again, I could come back to life. I could simply be.>>