Jernej Bizjak


Jernej Bizjak studied at CODARTS, Rotterdam Dance Academy. In 2010 he joined IT Dansa, youth dance company in Barcelona and in 2012 he joined Danish Dance Theatre in Copenhagen.

Jernej is freelancing since 2015 and has participated in various productions and independent projects with Cross Connection Ballet Company, Korzo&NDT, Fors Works, Institute 0.1, Dansehallerne, LW Dance, Andersson Dance, Helsingborg City Theatre, Kjara’s Dance Project, Royal Swedish Opera and with other freelance choreographers such as Fabio Liberti and Emrecan Tanis.

In 2017 Jernej received 3rd prize at 21th Internationalen-Solo-Tanz-Theater-Festival Stuttgart and 2nd prize at Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk, Poland.

He works as a lecturer of subjects The Basics of Choreography and World Choreographic Resources at the Ballet College in Ljubljana (KGBL).


<< In this peculiar and insane times, Yuval’s voice and mantra can bring you to an honest place, where creativity and connection to oneself keeps you sane!>>