Stephen Horenstein

United States/ISRAEL

Stephen Horenstein is a composer and performer.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA he immigrated to Israel in 1980.

Stephen Horenstein’s works for ensemble, small orchestra, soloist and electronics have been performed and recorded in venues worldwide. Many of those works have used ethnic sound sources.

Horenstein is known for his experimentation with new orchestral sounds, kinetic conducting, mixed media and interactive computer-electronics.

Horenstein has collaborated with many well-known artists, including Isamu Noguchi, Steve Paxton, Israeli Hadany, Rena Schenfeld, Kibbutz Dance Company, Vertigo Company,David Moss, Esti Kenan-Ofri, JC Jones and others.  Extensive work with American composer Bill Dixon. Festivals have included:  Festival D’Ile de France (Paris); Festival D’Automne, NY International Arts Festival; Vision Festival (NY), Chaillol Festival, France, Other Worlds (Milan); Media Mix (University of York); International Computer Music Festival (Hong Kong; Thessoloniki, Greece). Recordings include: Collages (Black Saint Soul Note, Italy), Between the Silences & The Natives Are Restless (JICM Recordings).  His latest projects: The Cine-Concert Project (breathing new life into silent films), The Lab Orchestra (kinetic conducting) and, a site-specific piece for 100 Saxophones (Magrepha).

Prizes have included: Israel Prime Minister’s Prize in Composition, National Endowment for the Arts (USA), Covenant Foundation, Weizmann Institute of Science, and others. He has taught and lectured at: Bennington College (USA), Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Tel Aviv University, Brandeis University, California Institute of the Arts, University of York, Stanford University; SUNY, College of William and Mary, and others.

In 1988, Horenstein founded the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music to bring music of our time to wider audience, through performance and education. Through his efforts, Horenstein has impacted on many generations of talented musicians in Israel and abroad.


<< I have known Yuval Avital for over 25 years. In Human Signs I have seen him take a leap into the unknown. He is both explorer and discoverer. As a performer, I was challenged to go deeply into my psyche and what emerged was, for me, something quite unexpected. The last months of total isolation took its toll on all of us. Human Signs helped me to regain my own humanity as well as to understand others’ challenges and transformations.>>