Maayan Cohen Marciano


Maayan Cohen Marciano, is an Israeli independent choreographer and dancer, an MFA student in Tel Aviv university, a BA graduate in movement and choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and she also graduated from the Haifa Training Workshop for Dancers and Choreographers. 

Maayan has presented her work in varied festivals, museums and galleries such as: Intimadance and A-Genre Festivals, Tmuna Theatre, Habait theatre, Kelim Choreography Center, Hangar Adama, International Exposure, Heaven and Earth Festival, OYM festival, (Eindhoven Holland), Bible Lands Museum The unique pasaz exhibition (TLV) inspired by Walter Benjamin work.

She has been selected to participate with a full scholarship in the BIDE events Barcelona. 

Her pieces are spread over various creative channels, such as body- based art, Hip Hop culture, and performance art.


<<The sound, the mantra that I was listening to, felt almost like it came out from my body, from my movements. It’s a long time already that I haven’t felt that way, letting my body breathe and release into someone else voice, letting this voice go through my body, and feel one, feel connected with another human being and with myself. I listened through my body and experienced my body alive again, my mind clean again, my skin breathing, my joints engaging, and my spirit lifted.>>