Ayu Laksmi


She was born as I Gusti Ayu Laksmiyani in Singaraja, Bali on November 1967.

She grew up surrounded by a family that loved the arts.  Her creative process was autodidactic during her young age. Following an early attempt to enter Indonesia’s Pop Rock Industry, Ayu has travelled through many musical genres before she finally arrived where she is now.

She is not only a singer, but also a gifted songwriter, dancer, actress and theatre performer.

She chooses Bali as a place to process, learning by herself from the literature and music discography. Identifying, fully comprehending, experiencing, and trying are never ending process. In fact, she does it ‘til now.

Her music employs many musical idioms from across Indonesian culture and religions.

Her solo album entitled SVARA SEMESTA, features undeniably religious and spiritual undertones, presented in contemporary presentation or better known as World Music.

Her songs are written in many different languages, including Sanskrit, ancient Javanese (Kawi), Balinese, Indonesian, Malay and English, all fusing into a contemporary musical style that has become her trademark.

Simultaneously with the launching of this album, Laksmi formed a group that called similar to her album Svara Semesta.