Ana Sofrenovic


Ana Sofrenovic is an award-winning film and stage actress and vocalist.

Publicly performing from an early age, she received her training at the Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She played lead parts in over 100 most significant national and international film, theatre and TV productions. 

As a vocalist her extensive concert and recording experience ranges from rock and jazz to opera, music theatre and contemporary experimental music. She attended masterclasses by Mary Hammond (Royal Academy of Music) David Moss, Meredith Monk, Jaap Blonk, Shelley Hirsch, Sainkho Namtchylak, Morton Subotnik, Saadet Turkoz, John Giorno, etc. 

She took part in the 2009.CEC ArtsLink Fellow (New York) as artist in residence at House of Foundation / Meredith Monk and Yale Drama School.

Her original works for stage include commissioned productions for cultural centres, Cochrane Theatre in London, Belgrade Music Theatre, Belgrade Jazz Festival, etc. Her work often challenges concepts of theatre and filmmaking. 
She is currently based in Belgrade.