Aviv Grinfeld


Aviv Grinfeld was Born in L.A in 1990 and moved with her family to Israel at the age of 3.

Since her early days of childhood, Aviv showed great passion for dancing and started practicing with professional dance teachers from as early as second grade. On 2010, Aviv moved to Jerusalem and joined the Vertigo Dance Company’s professional education program, where she sharpened and widened her qualities as a dancer. During this year she was accepted to the excellence program by the Batsheva Dance Company for the development of Skills and Techniques for professional dancers.

On 2014 Aviv was accepted as a professional dancer in the Mayumana Dance Company, participating in tours and shows in Israel and around Europe for almost 3 years. On 2017 she has completed a B.A in dance education from the academy of music and dance of Jerusalem and, led by her curiosity and sense of adventure, she moved to China and started a career as a freelance dancer and choreographer, collaborating with local dancers and dance companies and contributing to the fast growing Chinese contemporary dance scene.

In recent years, Aviv is performing around China in private and official events, and she’s invited to teach and create in local and international events such as the Guangzhou International Dance Festival, Beijing dance festival (BDF), the Quanzhou international dance festival, conducted an intensive contemporary dance workshop at the Wuhan University (WIDS), and others. On 2018, Aviv Joined the SLATE Dance company in Shanghai. SLATE Dance company create and perform its original pieces in China and Europe. The Dance company also organizes workshops and collaborations with other international dance companies.

Since 2019, Aviv is also the owner of the Aviv Dance Studio in Shanghai, a professional dance education center for dancers of all ages.