Live Streaming Constellation n.6 on September 27th, 19.00 CET

We’re very happy to announce that Human Signs will premiere the Live Streaming Constellation n.6 on the occasion of Manifesta 13′. 

The Constellation will premiere on September 27th at 19.00 CET, in Human Signs website. 

We are thrilled to share that this Constellation will involve the participation of some of the most important figures of gesture and voice from all around the globe.


Muna Tseng (United States), Rina Schenfeld (Israel), Virna Toppi (Italy/Germany), Nelson López (Uruguay), Brigitta Oling (Sweden/Italy), Carol Prieur (France), Syafmanefi Alamanda (Indonesia), Antonella Albano (Italy), Ana Baigorri (Spain/Germany)


Amel Brahim-Djelloul (Algeria/France), Nicholas Isherwood (France/United States), Noa Frenkel (Israel), Daniel Kolle’ (Cameroon/Italy), Hario Efenur (Indonesia), Luisa Muhr (United States), Claudia Cervenca (Romania/Austria), Odeya Nini (United States/Israel)


Yuval Avital