Finissage HUMAN SIGNS LOOP/ED, LOOP Festival Barcelona

Monday 22 November will be the finissage of the exhibition HUMAN_SIGNS_LOOP/ED curated by Savina Tarsitano with the collaboration of exhibition designer Maddalena D’Alfonso. The exhibition is a world preview, not only of the collaboration of 213 artists in 50 countries, of the great choral and monumental work of HUMAN SIGNS but also a meeting with the artist Yuval Avital, a dialogue between the participatory project at a global level and the artist in his emotional intimacy.

At 19 PM, at Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture, in the scenario of LOOP BARCELONA: CITY SCREEN 2021, will take place a site-specific performance by Mohamed Benhadj, one of the most influential art curators in Algeria, an icon of performance art, known for his audacious and avant-garde style.

Performance Statement:
« I see the best and I do the worst » Ovide.
The human condition is complex. The being is alone with his multiple nature, overwhelmed by desires, emotions and passions, and has an eagerness to know the possible dimensions of his being, shared between Sacred and Profane – Original Contradiction -. How to achieve the union between freedom and constraint of the world? How to anchor me in the center of myself? This chimera inside me will have the “Reason” of the “Me”, or my soul like a bird, may reach another reality?