Wirastuti Sulistyaningtyas


Wirastuti Susilaningtyas was born in Surakarta on May 20, 1983, and is an alumnus of the Surakarta Indonesian Institute of Arts.

She got to know and learn dance from the age of nine at the Soeryo Soemirat Puro Mangkunegaran Surakarta, as a first step in the world of performing arts.

In 2003, she meet Eko Supriyanto and joined the Solo Dance Studio community, which provided her with the experience and opportunity to continue to know dance more deeply and collaborate with famous directors and choreographers coming both from the national and international scene.

The continuity of the merging of body and vocal practise led her to get involved and join both practices as choreographer, dancer, and vocalist, working with Eko supriyanto, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Jarot Budi Darsono, Garin Nugroho, Fajar Satriadi, Riyanto, Chen Zi-Zheng, Rama Suprapto, Gondrong Gunarto. The works that have been born from this are Rendezvous (2017), Dawai Sunyi (2017), The Lady (2018) , Hope (2020) and as a choreographer of the opening Ceremonies Asian Paragames (2018). She is currently with Ekosdance Company.