Ute Wassermann


Ute Wassermann, voice artist, composer, and improviser, is internationally known for her unique and many-voiced vocal sound-language, which she has brought into experimental music in diverse ways.

She studied visual arts (sound installation, performance art) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg with Henning Christiansen, and subsequently visual art, music and singing at the University of California, San Diego. Ute is engaged in the areas of composition, improvisation, music and performance art.

Her superhuman and extreme vocals shimmer between animalistic, electronic, inorganic and human sound qualities. She extends her voice using bird whistles, palate whistles, speaker objects, resonators and field recordings.

She performed as a vocal soloist in numerous festivals, galleries and clubs throughout Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. Premieres of many works by composers have been especially written for her voice. 

She is a member of different bands like MUT (with Michael Vorfeld, Thomas Rohrer), Speak Easy (with Phil Minton, Thomas Lehn, Martin Blume), radio tweets (with Birgit Ulher) and performs with musicians like Joke Lanz, Martin Blume, John Russel, Raed Yassin, Michael Vorfeld, Korhan Erel, Mazen Kerbaj, Jaap Blonk,Isabelle Duthoit and many others.

She has worked on recent commissions for compositions by Ryogoku Art Festival, University of Amsterdam, Poetica Sonora Mexico City, Transart Festival Bolzano.

She has received several grants like a residency at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in 2015.


<< Yuval Avital´s Human Sign overcomes isolation, distancing and anxiety by connecting us in the most direct, basic and archaic way through breath and touch, voice and movement. It emphasizes one experience of the lockdown which has been surprisingly positive for me: introspection and finding personal ways to connect and reach out for a deeper level of contact.>>