Tamae Miki


She was born in Kyoto.

Her movement is based on classic ballet and her studies on Contact improvisation in Japan.

In March 2015, she joined Yat Po Singers in their Tokyo tour performance《Our last Voice最後之聲》, and in the next year, she joined the SESSION HOUSE DANCE Bridge in Tokyo.

In June 2017, she made a short improvisation dance movie with the sound artist Yuuki Katayama《いと/ 糸/ito》after which she went to Chengdu several times as a CI Workshop assistant.

In March 2018, she made the dance choreography《循環/Circulation/循环》and in November of the same year she worked on《You are my mirror(trailer)-KYO image project》in The World Lounge Co&Co Kyoto.

Since then, she is searching her own way to creation, and she work as a free artist.


<< I felt heavy when I start heard the mantra. I think my body has been relaxed. It became natural to the seat of seize. It became a feeling that returned to mother’s womb. It was very comfortable and safe. I felt the sound and the sign around the mantra. When the mantra became intense, I was invited to the outside world. It was so sad and tears came out.But I don’t know what is sad.
And go back to listened to the mantra.
It became a feeling not seeing as it looked around. I was looking for a comfortable position.  As I was in my mother’s womb, I found the overturned posture and settled down. Infinite word remained in impression. I felt very comfortable in a safe place. I don’t know why I was doing these movement in the jam.
The movement to get the stimulus that the body wanted. I really want to repeated the favorite movement. And feel movement effect to my body. When the mantra was over, I felt like a waked up from very deep sleep. And I want to keep feel this feeling. I felt very pleasure and grad and sad. I was refreshed.
After got movie from today I see from out side and excited. >>