Tim Baro-Godefroy


His artistic education began precociously when he undertook musical studies at the Béziers conservatory and then at the Perpignan Conservatory, with the violin as main instrument. At the age of 16 he discovered his passion for classical dance which lead him to train in different countries and with different teachers (Synopsis Dance school in Perpignan (France), Budapest Opera School (Hungary), Victor Ullate school in Madrid (Spain), Toni Candeloro school in Lecce (Italy).

As a dancer, he toured principally in Europe and South America in the main ballets as part of the ballet repertoire, and internationally as a guest soloist for Gala evenings alongside artists such as Yelena Pankova, Maria Allash, Alexander Volchkov, Kirill Safin and others, all first dancers and stars of the most important Russian theaters (Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and Stanislavski). His partners include, among others, Anastasia Lomachenkova and Natalia Ledovskaya.

In 2014, he took part as a soloist in the creation of Artemisia Gentileschi (staging by Beppe Menegatti, choreography by Toni Candeloro, subject of Federica Tornese), on stage alongside the famous Carla Fracci, performer of the eponymous role.

In 2016, he was invited to Rome as a dancer-violinist during the days in honor of the 85th anniversary of the great Italian composer Sylvano Bussotti, where he will perform several of his works.

He is currently perfecting his musical studies with the violin soloist and master class teacher Alexandre Benderski.

He also collaborates for cultural events such as the exhibition – “Myth in the Myth” “Il Mito nel Mito” (Toni Candeloro collection) – for the centenary of L’Après-Midi d’un Faune at La Scala Theater Museum in Milan.

As production assistant he also participated in the realization of gala performances producing the first dancers and stars of the main Russian and European theaters, but also took part in the production of international workshops with soloists and first dancers from the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters.

In parallel of his artistic career, he undertook via distance learning university studies of Russian language and Slavistic at Toulouse II University, from which he obtained his Master’s degree.

He continues to perform in Europe and around the world during international tours and various creations.


<< Today … a breath of fresh air for nature. Culture, arts, dance, music… cements of civilization.

The need to strengthen our ties of humanity in this historic period.

One sign, two signs, thousands of signs… to develop and build together the consciousness of our movements on this planet.>>