Sapir Shalev


Sapir Shalev is an Israeli dancer born in 1992.

Her education begins at the Maslool-Profectional Dance Program Tel Aviv, Jaffa under the artistic direction of Naomi Perlov Offir Peter Dagan.

After two years of military service between 2010 and 2012, she teached ten years ballet, modern and movement in Afternoon Schools for Dancing and five years at the Israeli Ministry of Education.

She was for two years rehearsal director in Masool-Profectional Dance Program and dance ensemble at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

She worked for ten years as a stage management, while in 2014 she worked with Naomi Perlov on the constrution of Syllabuses for classes.

She has been serving students ages 8-17 for the “Performance Awards” created by Menon Forman.

From 2014 to 2016 she achieved the B.A. degree in dance at Jerusalem Academy of Music Dance and she attended a Scholarship for teachers’ summer course at A. Method by Mrs. Mignon Furman. 

In 2016 she achieved Dconstruction Naomi Perlov-Level 1.

In the next year, she received a teaching certificate from Israel’s Ministry of Education, Pilates training course using the PSC method, and Dconstruction of Naomi Perlov Level – 1.

From 2018 to 2020, she attended digital drawing and illustration course at Animaya College while obtaining Dconstruction Naomi Perlov-Level 3.

She attended the Ballet teaching Methodology course by Rosaline Kassel- Subel and the Ballet teaching Methodology course by Daniella Shapira.
Since 2020 she is attending the NLP PRO, nlp therapist course.