Michaela Schausberger


Michaela Schausberger is a vocalist and composer.

She moves in the field of contemporary music, improvisation and performance cooperation with representatives of all arts.

Another central aspect of her work is the focus on language as a source for phonetic- aesthetic textures and the networking of voice and body gesture.

Michaela Schausberger lives in Gmunden, Austria.

Her studies include Rhythmics and Singing at the Music-University of Vienna; Sciences of Music at the Main University of Vienna; Composition by Christoph Cech and Erland Maria Freudenthaler at Anton Bruckner Private University Linz; a Trainer for Movement in Franklin-Method®


<< In this unstable and fragile times of Covid19, I´m questioning many aspects of my life as an artist. For moments I´m on very shaky ground concerning my vocational prospects.

When the Austrian government announced, that Singing is questionable in a virological sense and therefore prohibited generally, I felt meaningless about the precarious situation in the cultural field in common.

To deal with this more than absurd situation I started vocalizing for myself in my own four walls to approach my voice in an unintentional, raw and unused way – just on purpose to create somatic and emotional feelings in my body and to utter whatever present time needs. And I mentioned once again, that my body and my voice are the true four walls in my life.

So, when a few days later Yuval invited me to participate in Human Signs, I was incredible excited and filled with happiness. Because it gave me the possibility to “go home” in solitude while being embedded in a huge collective awareness. I really appreciate to be part of the Human Signs Community.>>