Katharina Arnold


Choreographer, performer, teacher, dancer and musician.

Mostly creates and work with an interdisciplinary approach and incorporate my music and dance education into my performative works (BA Elementary Music Education & BA Contemporary Dance Education both at Konservatorium Wien University).

Since 2016 she is part of the group “KunstMeeting” and in 2015 I co-founded the dance collective “Kollektiv Sisyphos” which consists of 8 dancers/choreographers based in Vienna.

Completed her MA in Performance at Leeds Metropolitan University (United Kingdom) in October 2014.

For the interdisciplinary piece “If Steve was a dancer” (Music: Steve Reich) that blurs the lines between musicians and dancers on stage my collaborator Elisabeth Hillinger, 11 saxophonists (class Lars Mlekusch) and I won the first price in the category creation at the Fidelio Competition 2012.