Human Signs LIVE GRID N.4 Milan première on February 20th

We are happy to invite you to the premiere of LIVE GRID N. 4 Milan, this Saturday 20th of February, on the Webex platform of the “World Anthropology Day – Antropologia Pubblica a Milano” at 7.00 PM (CET).

The LIVE GRID N.4 Milan, took place on February 8th in Casa degli Artisti, being the fourth live manifestation of the participatory artwork by Yuval Avital.

The LIVE GRID N.4 Milan is part of the series of live performances inaugurated on occasion of  Manifesta 13  Marseille and the European Nomadic Biennial, that have been taking place all around the globe during the months of October and November 2020.

The LIVE GRID N. 4 Milan involved the participation of dancers, soloists and Principal Dancers from Teatro alla Scala, besides dancers, teachers  and choreographers freelance. Between the voices there are orchestra and choirs directors, experimenters of extended vocal techniques, bearers of extra-European traditions and popular Italian traditions, in addition to the participation of Yuval Avital and Stefania Ballone. Among the participants were Naby Eco Camara, Anna Maria Civico, Azzurra Esposito, Christian Fagetti, Michele Ferrara, Giulio Galimberti, Sveva Gaudenzi, Denise Maria Gazzo, Francesco Grigolo, Anna Kolesarova, Charlotte Lamotte, Benedetta Montefiore, Britta Oling, and Emanuela Tagliavia.

LIVE GRID N.4 was filmed by Franco Covi, and photographed by Michela Albert and Sebastian Rodriguez Mendieta. The sound direction was made by Riccardo Sinigallia. The live performance was realized in collaboration with Casa degli Artisti, and with the support of the World Anthropology Day – Antropologia Pubblica a Milano, University of Milano-Bicocca.

Photos by Michela Albert and Sebastian Rodriguez Mendieta.

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