For_real_utopias Fine Agosto

‘A DOOR TO HUMAN SIGNS’ reveals the HUMAN SIGNS’s Living Digital Archive, a huge website hosting the various manifestations of the art testimonies created during lockdown and united through Avital’s Mantra, also ‘invading’ the reality with a series of global performances titled HUMAN SIGNS LIVE GRID, which – from Milan on October 11th – will spread during the Biennial in different cities around the globe.

In the occasion of Manifesta 13’, as a part of the exhibition Real Utopias curated by Bianca Cerrina Feroni and Melania Rossi, A Door To Human Signs presents itself as a website-as-a-museum.


Contradicting the physical nature of the exhibition, the project presents itself with a series of QR codes and live streaming events united through a large portal in which the spectator can meet the art contributions of this creative community: vocalists, including some the most celebrated figures of ancient traditions, contemporary and experimental scenes; religious performers from every faith, key figures of classical and baroque music; dancers and soloists of leading contemporary dance and ballet companies; choreographers, and visionary performance artists, from every part of the globe.